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Lilac provides 17 high-quality toning presets for summer/nature portraits with lots of greenery/flowers and adds a moody cold toning (especially to greens). Designed for natural light portraits, Lilac presets are also great for beauty, fashion & fine art photography.

The effect may vary, depending on the individual characteristics of the original image. However, Lilac provides a large selection of pre-made variations to match different lighting conditions and white balance settings.


- 4 Lilac presets: Standard, Warm Touch, Rich, White Lilac (tones & mood).

- 13 preset variations (for different lighting conditions & white balance).


Lightroom 4 & 5.

These presets are for Adobe Lightroom only and won't work in Photoshop.


Standard for LR presets. Installation instructions can be found inside the archive.


- Front cover, preview 2, preview 5: courtesy Petra Vesel Photography (all rights reserved) Thank you!

- Preview 3: Dima Viunnyk, (CC BY)

2015 | Alexander Kuzmin Photography

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Lilac - 17 Toning Lightroom Presets

by Kuzmin craft supply

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