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WIdget [YV] Notifications 1.0 for Adobe Muse. It allows you to activate the pop-up notifications when viewing the page

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The conclusion reached by scientists, is that public opinion is very biased and very much susceptible to the herd instinct, the instinct of belonging to a group.

A sober explanation of the behavior of the crowd is rooted in a deep history of human evolution. People, like other animals regularly have to make a choice in multiple different alternatives: where to run, that eat, etc. Often, the time to take the right decision is not, as for the objective assessment of the situation requires much more information to that which has being in the moment. They has no time to collect and analyze comprehensive information and there is nothing to do urgently to trust the opinion of the crowd. So, taking the side of the masses, the crowd each individual saves time and resources to process information.

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[YV] Notifications 1.0 Adobe Muse

by Amandea

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