Add-on >> Plug-in - Export Pro Photoshop CS6 CC Plugin 6350 by diegomonzon @ CreativeMarket

File Size: 1.11 MB; Requirements: Adobe CS6+.


Works on Photoshop CC !!

Automatically and precisely export multiple layers and save tons of time

Nothing to learn; no prep time; no changing your workflow

Straightforward, intuitive, flexible and fast


Global Light: Enter the angle and altitude of the global light that your exported images are going to use.

Layers to Export: Uncheck "Only Selected" to export all the layers in your document at once, or check "Only Selected" to export only those layers that you select.

Destination Format(s): Select the destination format(s), either PNG or PSD, or both. Export Pro allows you to generate both files with one click.

Crop: Crop the image to be exported to the size of its content.



Q: How are my files named?

A: Your files get the same name as your layers and groups.

Q: Are all my styles preserved?

A: Yes. Even styles that fall outside the boundaries of your layers, such as shadows or outer glow, will be in the exported file on a transparent background.

Q: Are hidden layers exported?

A: No. Export Pro ignores hidden layers.

Q: Can I export several layers as a single file?

A: Yes. Just place all the layers that you want to export inside a group and export the group.

Q: What kind of layers can I export?

A: You can export almost all kinds of layers. Here is the list.

Regular Layers

Smart Objects


Normal (Pixels)

Solid Fill (Shape Layers)

Adjustment Layers

Black and White

Brightness and Contrast

Channe Mixer

Color Balance



Gradient Fill

Gradient Map

Hue Saturation and Brightness



Pattern Fill

Photo Filter


Selective Color



Not Supported by Export Pro


3D Layers

Q: What versions of Photoshop are supported?

A: At this moment Export Pro works on Photoshop CS6. We will do our best to make it work on the upcoming CC version.

Q: Do I have to buy one version for Mac OSX and another for Windows.

A: No, Export Pro works on both operating systems.

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