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I am pleased to announce that we have released SM Scrollbar Module for Magento. This module will help you to show specify products from a category or some categories. With more themes and options, you will be easy to configure it to your idea.

Let take SM Scrollbar tour: and you'll love it!


1. Support all browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, ..)

2. 6 Themes: Theme 1, Theme 2, Theme 3, Theme 4, Theme5, Theme6. You can see the screenshots below.

3. Support Tooltip and Spotlight

4. Support Multi-Module in the same page

5. Support Multi-Language

6. Show products in Categories

7. Show the special products

8. Show images with Ascending/Descending of date field, hist field or random

9. Limit the number of articles to show to the module

10. Easy to change the title of article: color, background color, the number of characters

11. Support the link to image and title

12. Support opening link in: Same Window, New Window

13. Support Resized or Crop Image

14. Add note for the module in some cases.

15. Limit the characters of the title and the description

16. Support caching to make your website loads faster

17. Support to change the default link product to other link

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