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Renamy - multiple layers renaming Photoshop plugin.

This is full version with out any limitations.

Free demo version with 5 items limitation for name list here


Multiple layers renaming - You can select a lot of layers and rename it in 1 click.

Current Layer Name - Put "*" in any position in new name and star will be replaced with previous layer name.

Manage name list - Keep all layers names in your list, you can add or delete names.

Find and Replace - ?imple text replace which is done using '-' arrow without quotas. For example,

to replace .png extension with .jpg you could write: .png-.jpg

to remove .png extension you could write (just left blank right part): .png-

Regex - Powerful advanced mechanism of matching substrings. Pattern and result value are delimited with "=" (without quotas). For example,

to remove suffixes .png or .jpg for layer's name you could use next regex.


to remove annoying suffix "copy (number of copy)" which is added when you copy layer, you could use next regex.

(.*) copys?w*=$1

Live name filtering - You can easily search in your names list.

Autocomplete - Just start typing and Renamy will provide you complete your name from your name list.

Additional name - Just add "+" before name and instead of renaming you can add additional name to the current name.

Long names - Use more than 64 signs (Photoshop limitation).

1 step history - Reverse all Renamy changes in 1 step

Rename with iterator - Just select your layers and use "%NN" to rename it to "01", "02", "03" .. Or use "%nn" for back order.



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