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File Size: 28.85 MB; Requirements: Adobe CS5+.

* Photoshop CS5 or higher is required * - For years, Illustrators have been trying to recreate watercolor effects with Photoshop, usually with little success. Most of us must resort to using different filters, the impractical 'wet edges' brush setting, overlaid textures, or other special effects to create passable results, but a truly excellent set of 'out of the box' watercolor brushes has not been available бн that is, until now. In November of 2013, after the great success of my original Photoshop brush sets, I set out to create a one of a kind series of natural watercolor brushes that behave unlike anything else on the market. And now, it is complete - OVER 35 finely-tuned watercolor brushes, including bonus tools like Spatter, Salt, and Soft Edger. These brushes produce natural wet edge effects, bleeds, and textures without the aid of any layer effects or added textures. You simply paint on your canvas. By combining the brushes, nearly any watercolor effect is possible. And, with the addition of the salt, alcohol, spatter, and soft blenders, you can quickly add finishing touches that take your digital watercolor images to the next level. With these tools, you will have complete control over the paint; you can even produce happy accidents and interesting surprises, as well, by varying pen pressure and direction, much like real watercolors. There are brushes for detail work, broad washes, and everything in between. Most importantly, these brushes are just a heck of a lot of fun. Because of the time and effort that went into producing this series of unique tools, the original price was set for $10. However, since so many art students buy my brushes, I have decided to set the price at just $8. After experimenting with these brushes for only a few minutes, I'm sure you will agree that they are worth three times that price! Please enjoy them, and be sure to check out my other brush sets here on Creative Market.

NOTE: PHOTOSHOP CS5 or higher is required.

Thank you, and happy painting, everybody.

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