Add-on >> Plug-in - Preview Pics CC 27688 by Simplex Opera @ CreativeMarket

File Size: 487.42 KB; Requirements: Adobe CC+.

CC is for illustrator and Photoshop Only


Read a review by Brad Woodard:

Why use this Plugin.

- It will save you tons of time

- Illustrator/Photoshop will not chug with multiple images open

- Zoom into specific areas of different images ( hand, logo, char detail etc)

- It remembers what you loaded if you close and re-open the program so you can switch between files

- It works in four different programs

- The interface gets out of the way so you can focus on your artwork

Free up your art board to do the work.

Simple controls.

Cmd + click = zoom in

Shift + click = zoom out

Will not slow your workflow one bit and you can.

ZOOM PAN and even load small animations in swf files.

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