Add-on - Bad PhotoCopy Texture Template 64168 by TheVectorLab @ CreativeMarket

File Size: 350.16 MB; Dimensions: 3300 x 2550 px.

(Note: at the bottom of this description is a VIDEO link where I show you how this template works)

Since modern photocopier technology is close to being perfected, don't you miss the texture created from old worn-out, broken, and miscalibrated Xerox copy machines?

Now I have a Photoshop PSD template for you that does all the hard work!

1) Just paste in your Pixel or Vector design to the designated layer.

2) Choose from 20 different photocopy textures to distress your graphic.

3) Choose from 18 different photocopy backgrounds, then you are done!

Pasting in black or greyscale artwork with no background gives the best results for an authentic black and white photocopy look. But you can also use colored artwork or flattened artwork and get really cool effects.

This file has been tested and works with the newer versions of Photoshop: CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC.

Video Link:

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Tags: texture, photocopy, light, xerox, machine, grunge