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- A set of 6 simple anaglyph actions for Photoshop.

- You will receive 1 .atn file containing the 6 actions that you can directly add to your Photoshop actions collection. (Open the Actions panel in Photoshop, and in the menu choose "Load Actions" , just locate the action set and click on it, it will be added to your Actions panel.

- These actions will give a 3D cyan/red effect to your pictures. The thumbnail shows the effect applied to a digital drawing, but you can also use it for typography or photography for example.

- Non destructive result - the base layer is left as is.

- There are 6 variants of the same effect.

Color Anaglyph : this action will leave the color in your picture while applying the anaglyph effect.

B&W Anaglyph : this action will desaturate your picture in the process.

Subtle Color Anaglyph : Same as the color anaglyph, but the effect is more subtle if your picture is large.

Subtle B&W Anaglyph : Same as above, but in b&w.

Color Anaglyph - large : produces a very visible anaglyph effect - either if you want the effect to stand out more, or if your base picture is very large and the other actions don't produce the desired effect.

B&W Anaglyph - large : same as above, but desaturated.

TIP : The result is a base layer (your original picture), and two copies of this base layer. Don't hesitate to move them a bit either to the right or the left to accentuate the effect. (Move the top copy layer "Base copy 2" to the left and the one below "Base copy" to the right).

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Anaglyph Photoshop Actions

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