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File Size: 2.34 MB; Requirements: Adobe CS6+.

Fujifilm Simulator consists of 6 different colour actions. You can convert your digital photos into the style of analog photographs. Forget all those color actions you used to have before. Fujifilm Simulator has the actions you need to create the closest results to analog.


PANEL WORKS WITH: PHOTOSHOP CS6, CC (CC2014 is not yet supported)


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With only chancing the opacity level of a layer or a full group, you can change the effect result on your processed photo.

Layer Appearance

Is there an effect that you don't like? For example if you don't want the 'Flare' layer that adds sun-light effect, you can turn it off.

Self-documented Layers

Every layer group is named properly with the effect. For example warmer group will warm the photo and 'haze' group will add haze.

Ability to change the settings

You can change the opacity of an effect that you don't like by bringing down or totally disable it with changing the visibility.


Installation Instructions

Within Photoshop, click on Window - Extensions - 'Fujifilm'.

Note: You must also make sure Extension Panels are activated in the menu in Photoshop - Preferences - Plug-in


If you get the following error about invalid manifest.xml file for the Extension Manager.

-You need to update your Extension Manager (updates for all Extension Managers.

-If that does not work, please uninstall your Adobe Extension Manager, and install the correct version for your version of Photoshop.

Adobe Extension Manager CC for Adobe Photoshop CC at the top of the page.

Adobe Extension Manager CS6 for Adobe Photoshop CS6

"Extensions" Tab is closed. If your extensions tab is not active, you can turn it on from Adobe Photoshop's settings in Plugins section. Just enable "Load extensions Panel" button.

Compatible with only Photoshop v14.0 and 14.9 error

Adobe, currently DOES NOT support addon addition for Adobe Photoshop CC2014 (aka v15.0) You can come around this issue by installation the predecessor version which is Photoshop CC (aka v14.0)


Customizable Adobe Photoshop Actions and Add-Ons for Amateur and Professional Portrait, Fashion, Wedding, Travel, Architecture, and Still Life Photographers


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