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File Size: 274.66 MB; Requirements: Adobe CS4+.

Who else loves soft worn cotton t-shirts? Who else loves iron on graphics? Back in the 70s and 80s you could go to your local department store and grab these no problem. Rainbows, Chewbacca, muscle cars, you name it - you could iron it on your t-shirt.

Watch a quick demo video here:

Who else misses this stuff????????

Good news. RetroWash lets you recreate the comfort of your favorite shirt form the 70s or 80s fast!

Here's how it works.

1. Slap your graphic into the RetroWash Smart PSD

2. Call it a day!

Yep, it's seriously that easy. Plus, you can do cool stuff like.

- Change the shirt dye color (any color you want)

- Choose from 8 different textures

- Adjust RetroWash settings to increase or decrease intensity

- Feeling really crazy? Layer up your textures. Your work will look like its been in a hot dryer for 20 years.

- Adjust cotton texture with ease

Did I mention the textures are AAAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMME! Here's the textures you get.

- Road Rash

- Beer Spray (Subtle)

- Favorite Tee

- Cheap iron-on (as oppose to expensive iron-on)

- Classic Crack

- Peeling Plastic

- Mom Ruined It in the Washer

- Basement Laundry Basket

Laundromat from RetroSupply will do the same thing to your Photoshop and Illustrator work.

Plus, you get 2 Mystery Bonuses (because bonuses are awesome and so are mysteries)

Mystery Bonus #1

It's a mystery! I can't tell you. Okay, okay. Here's a hint. You can add the same awesome textures INSIDE Illustrator with Bonus #1.

Mystery Bonus #2

Again guys, a mystery. But I will tell you this. This bonus will point the way to some FREE resources that you can use to make retro t-shirt designs fast.

Today you can get the early bird special price of $10. Tomorrow the price will go up to $15. Why? Because right now you can't grab the bonuses! But when you buy now you'll save $5 and you'll get an email tomorrow with the bonuses. So grab this crazy good deal now ; )

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