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The problem with your average texture brush is that it doesn't really behave much like a brush. Rather than being able to "paint" with them, you usually have to click repeatedly across your canvas, building up areas of texture click by click. With Brush Lab, I've created a set of Photoshop brushes that effectively solve that problem, making the process of adding texture to your work a quicker, smoother, more natural experience.

The set currently contains over 90 brushes ranging from 100-1600px in size. To show you what each of the brushes can do, I've put together a quick cheat sheet, which you can find here:

Brush Lab also comes with a set of 4 Actions that enable you to employ a set of specially designed 'Stroke' brushes to stylize the outlines of your artwork in just a matter of seconds. You can use these Actions on text layers, shape layers, raster layers, or even individual colors within a flattened piece of artwork.

There's also a 5th action that will automatically separate scanned artwork from its background, saving you the tedious task of doing it manually.

Summary of what's included.

- Over 90 Photoshop brushes giving you the ability to effectively "paint" texture onto your canvas

- 4 Actions that enable you to quickly and easily stylize the outlines of your artwork

- 1 Action that will instantly separate scanned artwork from its background

Files and formats.

- 1 ABR file containing all 90+ Brush Lab brushes

- 1 ATN file containing the 5 Actions

- 1 RTF file containing information on how to use the resources included

I want your feedback

With Brush Lab, I want to create my customers' go to set of texture brushes. But to do that, I need your feedback. So, get in touch and let me know which brushes you like, don't like, the sort of brushes you use most often, need more of, or would like to see included in the set, and I promise to use that feedback to make the updates to this product that you really want.

The best of it is, if you buy today each of those updates will be totally free!

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