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File Size: 6.95 MB; Requirements: Adobe CS6+.

The Best Quality Skin Cleaner Photoshop Add-On!


- Skin Retouching

-Perfect Skin Pro

-Mattifier Powder

-Freckle and Stain Reducer

-Skin Softener

-Ultra Smooth Skin

- Make-Up

-Highlight Powder




-Lip Enharcer

-Teeth Whitener

-Brighten Eyes

- Extras


-Redness Reducer

-Color Contrast

-Detail Enharcer


- Colorfull Filters






-Purple Shadow



- Black&White Filters



-Tmax 400

-Neopan 400

-Expired Film


- DuoChrome Filters







Color Filters Preview.

Perfect Skin Pro

Beauty Retouching Kit


When reviewed against it's competitors, This addon is definitely better with photo quality and additional retouching features.

- Skin Cleansing

With this kit, you can mattify the shiny areas of your skin without losing texture, lessen freckles and any other blemishes and soften the texture.

- Make-Up

In addition to making your eyes and mouth pop, you can apply shimmery blush, powder, eye shadow, mascara and whiten your teeth


- Color Filters

"90's, Alisha, Blutiful, Cream, Indian, September Purple Shadow, Viana" these are the names used in our color filters.

- Black & White Filters

"Monochrome, Sephia, Tmax 400, Neopan 400, Expired Film, Ilford Xp2" are the black'n white filters.

- Dual Colored Filters

"Crown, Firefly, Fox, Hoodie, Greeny, Ponk" are the colored filter names.


Color filters used in retouching panel are all customizable, and this is one of the most important features of our panel.

- Opacity

With only chancing the opacity level of a layer or a full group, you can change the effect result on your processed photo.

- Self-documented Layers

Every layer group is named properly with the effect. For example warmer group will warm the photo and 'haze' group will add haze.

- Layer Appearance

Is there an effect that you don't like? For example if you don't want the 'Flare' layer that adds sun-light effect, you can turn it off.

- Ability to change the settings

You can change the opacity of an effect that you don't like by bringing down or totally disable it with changing the visibility.

When you apply these actions, popups will help you and will guide you in Turkish and English languages. Like.. "Now please take a white brush and start painting the cleaner layer's black mask with 30% opacity".

*In some systems the application time of actions may take some time. To make it faster, make sure you close all the programs running in the background (especially flash and java).


Installation Instructions

Within Photoshop, click on Window - Extensions - 'Retouching Panel'.

Note: You must also make sure Extension Panels are activated in the menu in Photoshop - Preferences - Plug-in

If you get the following error about invalid manifest.xml file for the Extension Manager.

-You need to update your Extension Manager (updates for all Extension Managers:

-If that does not work, please uninstall your Adobe Extension Manager, and install the correct version for your version of Photoshop.

Adobe Extension Manager CS6 for Adobe Photoshop CS6. at the bottom of the page.

Adobe Extension Manager CC for Adobe Photoshop CC at the top of the page.




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