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Snappy Scrollr for Adobe Muse allows to define 'anchor points' onto you Adobe Muse Webpage which snaps to the Anchors or Section when you scroll through a web page or parts of it.

Well, that's not it. We have also included Keyboard Navigation widget (Section in the Same Widget) which allows the website visitor to use either the arrow keys or the page up/down keys on the keyboard to navigate between anchors on a page. You can also exclude anchors from the keyboard navigation, allowing users to use it to quickly jump between large anchor points, while skipping the unimportant ones in-between.

This widget has 2 type of Transition on Scroll.

- Scroll

- Fading

The Scroll type has tons of Easing Options, Scroll Speed options and Disable Scrollbar Option.

This Widget is good for One Page Parallax Websites.

Contact us for any help and Support.

Use the widget, and make scrolling fun to the visitors and Enjoy.

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Installing and Using.

- Once you've Downloaded the widget, extract it to the desired location (Folder).

- Launch Adobe Muse.

- Navigated to the place extracted and double click on "Nakshatra - Snappy Scrollr".

- Head back to Adobe Muse, pull out Library panel (Window Menu - Library).

- In the Library Menu, you should find a folder named Nakshatra. Open the Folder.

- Once the folder is open, you'll see the widget named "Nakshatra - Snappy Scrollr". Click and Drag it on the page.

- As soon as the widget is place on the page the widget options fly-out is open by default. Customize it.

- Dive into the Options panel which is self explanatory and make some Snappy Scrolls.

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