Add-on >> Action - Portochrome Lightroom Preset Bundle 190776 by Kuzmin craft supplies @ CreativeMarket

File Size: 35.83 KB; Requirements: Adobe CC+.

Portochrome simulates some features of old-school chromatic and slide portrait films. This LR preset is great for bringing a rich and deep film-like tone to your photographs and give them a professional editorial look. Specially designed for natural light portraits, it should also go well with studio portraiture, wedding, landscape and travel photography.

Please note that this preset is very deep and contrasty, so it works best with neutral and well/over exposed images. It is fully customizable and you can adjust the intensity according to your taste.

The effect of the preset may vary, depending on the individual characteristics of the original photograph. However, Portochrome preset now goes with a large bundle of pre-made variations to match different lighting conditions.


Lightroom 4 & 5.

These presets are for Adobe Lightroom only and won't work in Photoshop.


Original Portochrome preset.

30 preset variations including browny, cross-processed, dark, lite, faded, flat (best for landscapes), overexposed, saturated, desaturated and studio versions.


Standard for LR templates: installation instructions can be found inside the archive.

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