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File Size: 1.4 MB; Requirements: Adobe CC+.

RESONATOR is an extension for collecting, exporting, and storing graphical resources for various mobile platforms and the web.


RESONATOR collects all the design elements from all of your project's screens (icons, buttons, UI controls, etc.) into a single Res-Project.psd. Additionally, all of the elements are collected in the densities you need, so you can quickly fix "blurry" graphics and other defects that arise during resizing.


RESONATOR exports all design elements with file names and a folder structure that are "correct" for developers. And it works for any platform: Android, iOS, Retina Web, and even Windows Phone :-)


RESONATOR stores all the design elements you draw and transfers them to developers in a single file. This means no more "slices" in separate files and no more endlessly searching for them when you need to fix something.

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