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Say hello the energetic font named Haywire! He was probably there to highlight your favorite music festival this year, and he also gave you the scoop on an exclusive afterparty with the headlining artist. He might have been your tour guide on a wild holiday road trip.

Haywire comes in five different weights (sizes ranging from "10 watts" up to "50 watts").

What's Haywire laced with? One good dose of thunder, ray guns, gritty punk reverb, rough alien terrain, amplified electricity, jolts of comic vibrations, and jagged fantasy. Clearly, Haywire isn't afraid to get a little dirty.

If you are looking for high-volume maximum adventure, Haywire needs to be on your invite list.

Haywire ventures anywhere there's a good time.

- jittering for a coffee fix

- powering up at a maker space

- jamming on an indie band record while wailing on electric guitar

- upping your city's hype as the tourism exec marketer

- chasing danger at lightning speed

- converting sound waves into X-ray vision

- DJing at a sporting event

- roaring engines at a car showroom

No need to recoil at the sight of this lively and bristly font. Flash this at your next gig for a riptide of juicy amplification.

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Haywire (10-50 Watt Fonts)

by Ekloff

Keywords: gritty, rough, electric, electronic, jagged, techno, punk, danger, light, flash, science, fiction, space, speed, indie, concert, lightning, neon, wire, coffee.

Tags: indie, speed, space, fiction, concert, lightning