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Sketchnote Square - Sketchnote Square is a bold, somewhat compressed headline type that complements the text fonts. Drawn instead of written, the characters in Square have neat little happenstance voids within the strokes.

Sketchnote Square Dingbats - Sketchnote Square is a handy selection of fun icons, rules, and arrows°™functional tidbits for your design projects that syncs perfectly with Sketchnote Square.

Sketchnote Square is best used at larger sizes for headlines, titles, packaging, etc. Use them together for a consistent style or paired with other typefaces. Either way, Sketchnote is great for a variety of projects where a handcrafted aesthetic and ease-of-use are desired.


To get the full compliment of Sketchnote Text Regular, Italic, Bold, Square and Dingbats for one, lower price, check out The Sketchnote Typeface Full Family.

These character sets (Mac OS Roman Encoding) cover the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Icelandic, Italian, German, Finnish, Flemish, French, Norwegian, Portugese, Spanish, and Swedish.


For more technical information, visit Delve Fonts.

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