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Old Man Eloquent Regular is the standard of two weights in the Old Man Eloquent family, modeled after the penmanship of John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the United States. (Note: it was Adams's masterful speeches in Congress after his presidency that won him the moniker for which this font is named.) As source material, I reviewed pages of Adams's famous lifelong journal from about 1810, when he was Ambassador to Russia, but also consulted pages from later years. This font has nearly 800 glyphs, including alternate caps, numerous ligatures, both lining and old-style figures, an inkblot or two, and complete Central/Eastern European alphabets.

Keywords: colonial script, antique handwriting, 1700s handwriting, 1800s handwriting, 18th century handwriting, revolutionary script, historical reenactment, founding fathers, john hancock, 19th century handwriting.

Tags: handwriting, century, script, reenactment, historical