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Adolf Rusch von Ingweiler, was in the 19th century known mysteriously as the "R'' printer. He was the first printer North of the Alps to introduce the new Roman style of type known now as Antiqua. He was active in the city of Strasbourg from around the early 1460's to 1489. One wonders if the unusual form of "R'' was a personal conceit. This font is, therefore, an Antiqua style font and has over a 1000 defined glyphs with wide support for medieval characters that have since fallen out of use. The baseline was slightly tidied up in order to give the printed text an even cleaner look than the original. The letters are very close approximations of the original type catalogued by the "Ver?ffentlichungen der Gesellschaft fr Typenkunde des 15. Jahrhunderts" as Typ.1:103R GfT1197. This family comprises: regular, oblique, bold, oblique bold, and small caps in both OTF and TTF formats and contains a complete character map. There is also a modern small "k" for those not so adventurous as to use the historical form.

Keywords: 15th century, german, 1400s, antiqua, versal eszett, historical, sharp s.

Tags: eszett, historical, sharp, versal, antiqua, century