Font - Hiatus 56637 by Stephen Rapp @ CreativeMarket

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Hiatus bridges the gap between formal scripts used for invitations and more classic settings and casual scripts that exude a warmer tone. Like many formal scripts, Hiatus is fully connecting. Its low body height combined with generous letterspacing adds an elegant profile to lines of text. Like casual scripts, Hiatus has a warm, hand-lettered appearance with great rhythm. Solid in structure; Hiatus also sets well at smaller sizes.

Type enthusiasts will enjoy the variety of options. For optimal text flow, both letters and ligatures have alternate versions programmed to come in at the appropriate place for both beginnings and endings as well as in various contextual settings. In addition, there are variations and flourished versions of almost every letter and ligature. Some ligatures have as many as 12 variations. Also included are fractions, a set of old-style numbers, and a set of ornamental flourishes. Hiatus is a unique contemporary script with the strength of a time-tested classic.

Please Note: Hiatus is designed for use in graphic applications with full OpenType support. Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Quark all have this. Photoshop and MS Word offer some support, but neither have a glyph palette which gives access to the full array of lettering possibilities. If you have both Illustrator and Photoshop it's easy to set type in Illustrator and copy it over to Photoshop.

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Tags: formal, cursive, decorative, handwriting, lettering