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Pleuf Pro is great for projects which need a handcrafted, homemade, friendly, warm, personal vibe; it is individualistic without being overly eccentric, and quirky without being illegible C making it equally suited to projects aimed at kids.

It can give a food label that personal touch, add some playfulness to a promo poster, or put a warm smile on a bar menu.

Pleuf Pro started out as a silly project to try to draw an entire typeface using only a single finger on a laptop touchpad. It has since grown into a four-weight typefamily, complete with extensive language support, obliques, and various OpenType features C but it's still a bit silly.

Pleuf Pro loves display settings: it looks great at large sizes, and the four weights allow you to create exciting typographic constructions with different point sizes working together beautifully.

Pleuf Pro is also happy in text settings: the letterforms are clean and legible, and the clever OpenType features in Pro help to tidy up nasty letter combinations, making text look even nicer C plus, with Pro you can always find the right weight for any point size of text.

OpenType Features.

Contextual alternatives & ligatures to sort out troublesome letter combinations and achieve better text.

Discretionary ligatures for more interesting typographic display work.

Oldstyle & tabular numerals to get the correct setting in text and tables.

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