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Baseline Fonts is proud to introduce its newest addition, Grit History? Series B. Years in the making, this collection encompasses seventeen fonts from five families. We believe it is destined for greatness on your desktop and beyond.

Painstakingly derived from historical press type samples, the fonts of Grit History? Series B are eminently legible, with a hand-hewn warmth that transcends space and time. The letterforms are full of character and can evoke modern audacity or vintage charm with spectacular ease. Better still, they gain textural interest as you scale them up in size.

Grit History? Series B includes.

Grit Gothic (Regular, Bold) 每 a beautiful vertical typeface ideal for headlines and condensed emphasis.

Grit Sans (Regular, Bold) 每 utilitarian, deceptively simple. Innocuous at first glance only.

Heirloom Artcraft (Thin, Thin Italic, Book, Book Italic, Demi Bold, Demi Bold Italic, Black, Black Italic) 每 perhaps the perfect book font, with elegant serifs that add readability and a slight swagger.

Stately Gothic (Back, Front) 每 optimal for boldly branding your next steampunk DIY project or livening up your personal manifesto.

Worn Gothic (Regular, Bold, Black) 每 a bit of an anomaly. Is it shrinking or growing? Modern or retro? If you stare at it long enough, it starts to oscillate. Great for animation or movie titles or printed text that needs some rhythm.

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