Font >> Display - 1920 My Toy Print SET 169899 by GLC Foundry @ CreativeMarket

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This family was created inspired from a French small "toy print" box, with rubber stamp characters, from the 1920's. The set was containing only capital forms and a very small choice of letters, without accented and a limited punctuation. We have reconstituted a complete modern standard set. The doubly of each usual character in each style (A-Z/a-z and numerals) allow to give a rich and variously uneven appearance, looking like the results of the real use of those old rubber stamps.

The bold style may be used as a reinforcement, mixed with Normal style without disadvantage, allowing four choices for each usual letter..

The original stamps size is 6mm (about 17 pts).

Keywords: serif, eroded, symbols, display, pictures, antiqued, garalde.

Tags: display, symbols, pictures, antiqued, garalde, eroded