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This script font was inspired by the type called "Bastarde Flamande", a very appreciated one in the Duke of Burgundy's court in the end of 1400s for hand written books. A book titled Histoire Romaine (Roman history), from roman author Tite Live, translated in French by Pierre Bersuire, circa 1475, was our main source for drawing the lower case characters and a lot of upper case.

This font includes "long s", naturally, as typically medieval , also a few ligatures, final and initial characters but they aren't any abbreviations because it was used for a text written in French language, not for Latin one.

Keywords: ancient, blackletter, calligraphic, decorative, elegant, fancy, flamande, handwriting, ligatures, ornamental, renaissance, revival, script, textura, vintage, xmas.

Tags: renaissance, ornamental, ligatures, handwriting