Stock Graphic - Speckles Noise 2823 by Nicky Laatz @ CreativeMarket

File Size: 54.5 MB; Requirements: Adobe CS1+.

These jpg textures can be applied to anything from logos and illustrations to photos and artwork . In Photoshop , simply apply the texture on a layer above, and set that layer's blend mode to screen. Doing this applies a subtle grunge noise effect. You can tweak the levels of the noise layer, if you would like to adjust more or less noise. You can even add multiple different noise layers setting all blend modes to screen for even more variety.

A note for print designers, these files are at 72dpi, as jpg files can only ever be saved at 72dpi , but they save at a very large size, to compensate when pulling them into a high res workspace - they automatically rescale to right size at 300 dpi - So there are two ways to use these files for high res print purposes .

1.) Open up a new 300dpi workspace in photoshop/illustrator etc, drag/place the 72dpi supplied file into a the workspace - the placed/dragged image automatically scales to right size at 300dpi within the workspace. (see sizes below)

2.) Open the jpg in photoshop, click 'resize image' on the panel and MAKE SURE you unclick 'resample image', then enter 300dpi where 72dpi is currently - you will see photoshop change the image size to right printable dimensions .Click Enter and you are now looking at a 300dpi file ready to be saved as a 300dpi tiff /psd etc if you wish.

Below are a list of the file sizes when printed or used at 300dpi .

Noise1.jpg : 9,08 x 6.94 inches

Noise2.jpg : 9.38 x 6.58 inches

Noise3.jpg : 9.03 x 6.94 inches

Noise4.jpg : 15 x 10 inches

Noise5.jpg : 9.08 x 6.94 inches

Noise6.jpg : 3 x 2.3 inches

Noise7.jpg : 3 x 1,9 inches

Noise8.jpg : 19 x 12.6 inches

Noise9.jpg : 9.47 x 6,75 inches

Noise10.jpg : 10,88 x 8,36 inches

Included in the pack FREE are 15 Noise brushes created from these jpgs for using on your artwork in any way you wish! ENJOY!

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Tags: noise, speckles, rough, scratched, tears, photoshop