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File Size: 150.73 KB; Requirements: Adobe CS3+; Vector: Yes.

Illustrator Chain Construction Kit 01 - 18 Simple Chain Pattern Brushes

Included: 18 Pattern Brushes for Illustrator CS3 and up (separate files for both CS3 and CC, the only difference being the file format saved (and tested) in.)

It's not easy to find quality brushes with both the corner and end tiles accounted for. I hope these serve that need for you. It was about 20+ hours of work, all in.

The second image showcases all of the available pattern brushes, which displays how simple it would be to add unique borders or lines to your work, quickly. These brushes were meant for immediate use (as a silhouette) or editing (why each tile was created separately).

No brush was pre-colored or -shaded; I feel that would limit their style mediums and flexibility, and the overall intent of these brushes.

All of the brushes will expand to their original jigsawed parts. Easily lay down lines of perfectly-spaced chain links, expand, and combine the shapes any way you like; overlap, recolor, turn off the end caps, and even create your own new brushes from the expanded parts.

There are 11 truly unique brushes here, so I figured a buck a brush keeps them accessible to everyone. If it saves you an hour of time, and your time is (certainly at least) worth 11 bucks an hour, then they're probably worth it to you. That's how I shop for art resources.

Hope you like them, but I hope they help save you time a little more.

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