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CreativeMarket OkraCubo 1636819

OkraCubo OkraCubo in a distressed abstract font with a cubist twist. This font works nicely for all sorts of things from grunge to retro, etc. At small sizes it almost looks finger painted, but at large point sizes the cubist look really comes out. Included OkraCubo (TTF) OkraCubo (OTF) Web Font Enjoy! Buy Now 9 OkraCubo
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Big Sale Vector In Broken Glass Effect

CreativeMarket Big Sale Vector in Broken Glass Effect 1795393

Big Sale Vector in Broken Glass Effect. Vector Illustration isolated on white Buy Now 5 Big Sale Vector in Broken Glass Effect.
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Broken Phone Virus Cartoon

CreativeMarket Broken phone virus cartoon 1600827

Sick cartoon mobile phone, cartoon of an unwell mobile phone with a bursting thermometer in its mouth. Could be a broken mobile or one that has a virus or other malware Buy Now 9 Broken phone virus cartoon
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Broken Heart

CreativeMarket Broken heart 1570994

Illustration of a broken heart with a crack. Concept for heart disease or problems, being heartbroken, bereaved or unlucky in love. Buy Now 9 Broken heart
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Ufo Missing Page

CreativeMarket Ufo missing page 1552530

404 error page flat line concept. Template for dark theme site. Link to a non existent page. UFO with gravitational rays abducting pages in the city from city park. 404 page not found design template. Buy Now 4 Ufo missing page
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Broken Bottled

CreativeMarket Broken Bottled 1565514

Broken & Bottled contains 16 ready to use vector texture (32 in total), handmade with wet ink and paper and vectorized with attention to details. Available in PNG with transparent background together with vector format (AI and EPS), these texture can be utilized quickly, saving you the hassle and time & allow you to focus on delivering great results. Nuts and bolts. 16 vector texture made from wet ink, and another 16 negatives texture (see preview 2 for visual explanation) ready to be used. 32 vector in total. Format: High resolution PNG with transparent background, AI (CS4 and ...
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Prnt Glitch

CreativeMarket Prnt Glitch 1567913

Prnt Glitch literally began exactly as that an old beaten up, worn out printer, about to give up the ghost, and just before it inevitably would, I printed off a few runs of text to see what would happen. The first few came out ok, then it just descended into a whirring mess of broken toners, torn paper and jammed machinery, mix in a bit of 80 s space race charm and the result is a gloriously glitched font. Playing around and layering the font will give your project all sorts of magical outcomes, and I hate having duplicate styled letters, so each character, in each weight is unique even the ...
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Funeral Flat Concept Icons

CreativeMarket Funeral flat concept icons 1500658

Funeral flat concept icons with cemetery and mourning flat icons isolated vector illustration Buy Now 5 Funeral flat concept icons
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Sad Broken Down Cartoon Car

CreativeMarket Sad broken down cartoon car 1477651

A sad broken down cartoon car character in need of repair Buy Now 9 Sad broken down cartoon car
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Cartoon Broken Mobile Phone

CreativeMarket Cartoon broken mobile phone 1468937

An unwell mobile phone mascot character overheating and sweating with a thermometer in its mouth. Concept for a broken phone or one with a virus. Buy Now 9 Cartoon broken mobile phone
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