CreativeMarket WARPED WOOD vol 1 2405553

12 super high res, unique vector textures. Get TRIPPY and/or RUSTIC with these handcrafted textures. Made from photographing old wood (painted and unpainted), adjusting levels, warping and twisting them one at a time to suit each texture. Works great mixed and matched (stacked), or on their own! All files are .eps format and 3840x2160 pixels at 300 dpi. Infinitely scalable in Illustrator, or you can drag them into photoshop and convert to raster. Questions or comments? Hit me up at justin justinryan.org and I ll be happy to help.
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Warped Marble

CreativeMarket Warped Marble 1164698

18 high resolution warped marble textures! Buy Now 14 Warped Marble
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Frenzy Vol 2

CreativeMarket Frenzy Vol 2 1094373

15 handmade natural experimental textures, distorted in Photoshop! Great for use in Photoshop and Illustrator Buy Now 12 Frenzy Vol 2
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Abstract Gold Warped Patterns

CreativeMarket Abstract Gold Warped Patterns 528318

A collection of 10 gradient gold and white background patterns. This includes 10 editable eps files and 10 jpgs. Buy Now 8 Abstract Gold Warped Patterns by scrapster
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Hofmann Display Font

CreativeMarket Hofmann Display Font 99273

Hofmann is a new display font based on typography popularized by gig poster designs in the 1970 s. Each character has been designed to flow into the next, and used with negative leading. With these characteristics Hofmann takes well to being distorted or warped in any way you see fit, much like the type found on the 1970 s gig posters. Additionally, Hofmann has an upper case with capped edges to be used to balance words or phrases. Hofmann is great for poster design, logo design, or for use as a headline. Included with this purchase is the Hofmann font file in both OpenType and TrueType ...
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Feedback Digital Texture Pack

CreativeMarket Feedback Digital Texture Pack 24131

Digital noise doesn t have to be ugly, enjoy the beautiful distortion with this texture pack. Create new works of art for your Tumblr, make album cover art, or apply these to 3D objects to create otherworldly orbs and landscapes. You receive 8 textures, all files are 12 x 12 300 DPI (3600x3600 px). You can also use these textures for scrap booking, greeting cards, invitations, gift tags, website backgrounds, custom wrapping paper, book and notebook covers or anything you d like to print.
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