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Big set of my animal logos + some nice bonuses. Animals make a great logo mark, as each animal has symbolic meaning.

Ram: determination, action, initiative, and leadership. File included: https://creativemarket.com/vatesdesign/42688-Ram-Head-Logo-Template

Rhino: substance, stamina, solidity, and explosive power. File included in the pack: https://creativemarket.com/vatesdesign/39055-Rhino-Vintage-Logo-Template

Lion: honor, courage, royalty, strength, leadership. File included:https://creativemarket.com/vatesdesign/39271-Lion-Logo-Template

Deer: generosity, kindness, grace, happiness and good fortune. File included: https://creativemarket.com/vatesdesign/39460-Vintage-Logo-with-Deer

Horse: power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength, freedom. File included: https://creativemarket.com/vatesdesign/41452-Horse-Club-Vintage-Logo

Eagle:protection, vision, judgement,power, freedom, action, skill. File included: https://creativemarket.com/vatesdesign/40881-Eagle-Logo-Template

Tiger: energy, unpredictability. File included: https://creativemarket.com/vatesdesign/39594-Tiger-Logo-Design

Elephant: reliability, dignity, pride,royalty. File included: https://creativemarket.com/vatesdesign/42151-Elephant-Logo-Template

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Tags: elephant, graphic, symbol, rhino, element, retro