Template - 12x18 Collages 13445 by Charm Box Studios @ CreativeMarket

File Size: 1.99 MB; Dimensions: 12 x 12 in.

(to the tune of Rainbow Connection, from the Original Muppet Movie)

Why did I just take so many photos?

And when will I get the prints?

Photos are lovely, and need to be enjoyed,

And photos look great on your wall.

So I've created this set of collages

For scrapbooks or printing on walls

Someday I'll print mine and fame them quite nicely,

The photos, the mem'ries and all!

This is a set of 4 different photo collages, for printing a collection of photos or for turning into a scrapbook page, in 12x18 size. They come in TIFF, PNG and PSD formats. They all have between 15 and 19 photo slots!

Keywords: psd, png, tiff, collages, photography, templates, storyboards.

Tags: collages, templates, storyboards, photography