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Everybody needs peace, the world needs peace and of course your project. Here is the answer for all those problems created by the Internet wars! Ok, sorry for that, maybe I am overreacting, let's start againĦ­ We present to you Peace, our new Landing Page Theme, ready to be used in your project, is clean, is elegant with a bunch of sections and comes in 10 different colors! Just choose the color that match with your brand and let the users come and discover your product or service.

Let's start with the Intro Section, clean and right to the point, choose some catching phrase and write a short description about your product or service, remember, people don't have time, you have only seconds to catch your users attention, if you do it right you can use the next area of this section, the action form, the space where your users are screaming to you: "Tell me more!" Well done! You did it! This theme will help you to achieve that mission.

Some catching phrase, done! Some short description, done! But Internet users love information, your users are telling to you: "Ok, you have a nice product! But you need to tell me more! Convince me!". You need information about all the stuff you buy, don't you? Well, your users tooĦ­ use the Section Details, to describe your product or service in more words.

Section Steps, we love this section, the animation it's cute and kind of self explanatory, this section is about the process. Yes, you have a nice product or service, but what is the process to achieve it? That kind of information is the key to stay in real contact with your clients. You don't need to hide nothing, let your users and clients know you.

The lovely Section Subscription, if your user came until here, congratulations! Somebody is interested in your product or service, don't let him go. Use this form to obtain the user e-mail for future contact. This form use the web service Mail Chimp, you maybe know everything about this service, in case you don't, no problem, you only need to change one line of code.

Everything is about connections, well, connections and talent, if we need to say the truth. The Section Clients is maybe the most important sections of your landing page, this section tells to your users, "We are not only words, look what kind of companies trust in us". More important than words are facts, you know that.

Section Gallery! This is gonna be your favorite section! At last, after all the sections explaining why are you the best option, finally you can show all your skills! Use this section to show your work and talent, every single item comes with the project name, the category of that project, a thumbnail area where you can place a nice photo linked to a full image of the project and a lovely detail, a little icon for each category.

Section Corporate Video. Videos are great, if you have one about your company, this theme have the correct way to show it to your audience, use this section to place a video following the look and feel of this theme.

Time to close the deal. Set your prices and show them to your audience, this theme include a table with three options, each one with a list a features, a package name, the price and the most important, the action button. Your clients are ready to buy, show your prices and close the deal! Details are great, and the animation on this table of prices is one of them. Ready? Set you Section Prices according to your needs and start to sell.

Section FAQ. All the information shown on this theme is enough for the most of the users, but always is better to have a backup plan, this section is your backup plan, use it according to your needs and fill it with all the common questions of your clients. If all the doubts of your users are cleared, you have more chances to close more deals.

Section Map. Show to your visitor, the locations of your company, Internet sometimes is a cold place, it's easy forget the truth, behind every website are people, working every day to offer better services to all our users. Use this section to break that wall and keep in touch with your clients. Social icons are shown in this section too.

Create your own version of this theme! Peace, comes with 10 colors presets and 5 background patterns, ready to be used! You just need to choose your favorite and that's all! Mix this two options and create your very own version of Peace. If you need more colors, don't worry, you can easily edit some lines of code and get exactly what you want, all the code is perfectly commented and documented.

If you don't have any clue about HTML/CSSĦ­ don't worry, you can still use and configure this theme without too much trouble. The documentation included with Peace it's a really lifesaver and contains all the information you need to configure your theme and make it part of your brand and business. Enjoy! Thanks for reading.



Fully responsive

Easily customizable

10 delicious theme colors presets

5 delicious background patterns

Animated backgrounds

Animated elements

Contact form coded in PHP

Responsive JQuery lightbox

Smooth scrolling

+450 icons, thanks to

Easy to read and commented code

Production and development files included

Totally free Google Fonts

Bootstrap framework

MailChimp integration

Google Maps integration

Documentation included

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