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This is a VERY minimal theme aimed at someone with strong HTML5 and CSS skills, and little PHP/Wordpress knowledge. Enables you to create Wordpress-powered custom websites, with Wordpress acting only as a CMS (so all distracting references to its use as a blogging platform are removed from the Wordpress admin panel). You get an HTML5-ready Bootstrap3-enabled basic responsive Wordpress theme all ready to customize.

Use as a basis for your own custom theme development! Lends itself to developing easily-editable custom websites using Wordpress to drive the CMS. Solid HTML5 base, IE8 compatible too.

Quickly change the entire look and feel! Customize Bootstrap at and then substitute your newly-downloaded "bootstrap" folder for the entire "bootstrap" folder included with this theme (save the links they give you when you download it, so that you can go back and change your Bootstrap customizations at any time).

This is a scratch-ones-own-itch kind of product :) I fully expected Wordpress to offer a basic no-frills theme template with which to begin creating my own custom website themes, but no such luck, all their themes are rather complex! I then expected someone would offer such a thing for sale, but again no luck (unless I missed it!) So I buckled down to find and then read through the appropriate Wordpress Codex pages. I searched a bit on Github too. And finally I had it, a great HTML5 IE8+ easily customizable no-frills website template. I then learned how to strip almost all the blog references from the Wordpress admin panel (hiding them when this theme is activated).


Bootstrap 3.2.0 (official minified CSS and JS)

jQuery 1.11.0 (supports legacy IE; hosted on jQuery CDN)

HTML5Shiv 3.7.2 (for HTML5 Elements in IE8; hosted on MaxCDN)

Respond 1.4.2 (for Media Queries in IE8; hosted on MaxCDN)

Just the files you need (edit these easily).






What makes this theme sweet.

This theme is the perfect blank slate on which to build, with Bootstrap 3 and jQuery built-in.

Header menu is a Bootstrap menu that you can edit using the Wordpress admin panel (adds a Menus submenu under the Appearance menu). Collapses for accessibility on small screens. Made possible with (2.0.4 integrated within this theme). Only limitation is that it supports just a single dropdown level.

Admin area has most all references to blogging removed, so that this acts like a website CMS only. The following main menu sections disappear: Posts, Comments, Tools. The following submenus also disappear: Widgets, Writing Settings, Discussion Settings (Reading Settings and Permalink Settings are still needed for website setup, even though they include references to blog features).

Suggested usage.

The only styles I've added are to make the footer look the same as Bootstrap's header menu. You may remove these styles from the style.css file in the theme's root directory. Add your own styles to the styles.css file (they'll be loaded after Bootstrap's styles, so you can also override those easily as needed).

Under Reading Settings, be sure to select a "static page" as your "front page". In Menus (under Appearance), make sure to associate your new menu by selecting "Header Menu" next to "Theme locations". I suggest selecting "Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu" too.

Works best when you select "Post name" under Permalink Settings (wish Wordpress had a less-bloggy way of describing this, as you need it to enjoy sensible page filenames).

Add your Google Analytics tracking code to footer.php. Add or remove a shared footer on all pages by customizing the footer element placeholder in footer.php.

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