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Welcome to the {L}EverAGE theme.

This is a Android theme specifically for Android devices compatible with Themer Beta (Launcher).



Android phone compatible with Themer Beta.

Navigate to the Google Play Store using the link below. If you attempt to download the application it will inform you if your device is compatible or not.

Themer Beta:

Screen Size Issue.

This theme was created on the OnePlus One status bar and navigation bars enabled. Some devices with different screen resolutions might not apply properly. If your device is one of these devices, you will need to edit the widgets in Themer manually, so some manual adjustments might be required depending on the device you are using. But if you need help with the setup or want a refund, email me through my developer email on the Play Store, or message me directly from Creative Market.



1) Download and Install Themer Beta from the Play Store.

2) Purchase the {L}EverAGE theme from Creative Market or the Google Play Store.

(If you purchase from Creative Market you will need to place the apk file in your phones internal memory, locate it using your prepared file explorer application (there are plenty of free ones on the Play Store and install it. With side loading any apps outside of the Play Store you will be prompted to enable "Unknown Sources" in the Security settings in your Android device.)

3) Once the app has launched, read the setup guide and download the Themer package file.

4) The instructions will guide you through placing the backup file in the correct location in your internal memory, which you can then use the one-click restore option in Themer to apply the theme.

If you have any issues with the setup process, feel free to reach out to me and I will be more then happy to assist you. :)



Purchasing this theme through Creative Market is more expensive because Creative Market requires a minimum of $2 per purchase. I recommend purchasing it through the Play Store if price is a concern, otherwise you can purchase that app here.


To see more of my work, check out my site:

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