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I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the same top navigation with the fixed header and the limited amount of links you can get in your main navigation. That's why I built these themes and, if they sell well, will add more with different pages, images, and so forth.

// ------ About Bootstrap Boogie Volume 1 ------- //

Comes with Water, Gallery, Classical, and Stoned. These are going to be sold individually in the near future, follow me or contact me and you'll be notified.


// ------ Key Features ------- //

- 240px and up mobile first, fluid design with fluid gutters too.

- Large tapable areas for FAT fingers

- Easy multiple level navigation with just 3 classes (has-children, active, and current)

- Left or Right Side Navigation

- Seriously easy to upgrade Bootstrap's CSS and JS to the latest version within the 3 series

- Table of Contents CSS for non pre-processor users (you don't need to know LESS or SASS)

- Custom theme minified CSS is 15kb gZipped!

- Easily detect touch and no-touch

- Lots of instructions, snippets, and easy to follow getting started documentation

- PHP contact form with validation and simple question captcha

- LESS files available upon request for a specific theme*

// ------ Scripts/Plugins ------- //

The docs provide the full link to their GitHub repo and/or original source. All scripts are MIT or another Open Source license. Everything comes packed and unpacked.

- bootstrap.js

- Modernizr

- Respond.js

- Vertical Accordion Menu

- Perfect Scrollbar

- Touch Swipe

- Owl Carousel

- Magnific Popup

- Lemmon Slider/Carousel

- JQuery Pretty Social for social sharing

- JQuery Validate

- JQuery Form (for ajax)

- Isotope Masonry (I have the license for commercial use)

- jQuery Cookie (in case you need it)

- Hover Intent**

- Equal Height Responsive Columns

- Succint (to truncate stuff that's multiple line cross browser)

- FitVids (faster way of responsive embeds)

- Placeholder (for old IE so the form fields are not empty)

// ------ Fonts ------- //

Main fonts are Google fonts and each theme uses different ones.

// ------ Icons ------- //

All icons are fonts so that they are nice and crisp on high density devices.

- Themeify (in theme)

- Font Awesome (CDN)

- Glyphicon (comes with Bootstrap)

// ------ Images ------- //

All images are public domain or Creative Commons attributed right near the placement of the image inside the theme.

* LESS: you will use one design in the end, so you will get one set of LESS files with the mixin/variables for one of the designs, the one you intend to modify. LESS files work without bootstrap.less so that upgrades are easy for the majority of users.

** Hover intent is used for the custom script that runs the slide down when a user hovers over an image and then more content slides in. The hover is only on non-touch devices it's a click/tap on touch devices.

Keywords: fluid, responsive, bootstrap, clean, off canvas, side navigation, fat fingers.

Tags: canvas, navigation, fingers, clean, bootstrap