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Fotograf is a clean and minimalistic portfolio theme made for the fantastic Kirby CMS. The responsive design in this theme focus on your images, nothing else. Each gallery can have four different thumbnail shapes: original , landscape , square or portrait .

It has a preconfigured Kirby CMS setup and is integrated with the Kirby Panel.

Live demo at:


- Kirby 2 ready

- Responsive design

- Responsive images

- Different thumbnail shapes for each project

- Decide for each image how it will be cropped for the thumbnail

- PhotoSwipe image gallery

- Preconfigured Kirby CMS Setup

- Kirby panel included

Features for developers

- Built on Sass Susy

- Includes all Sass files

- Grunt task manager

- ReguireJS

About Kirby CMS

Kirby is a file?based CMS. Easy to setup. Easy to use. Flexible as hell. Learn more about Kirby on

Kirby Panel

Fotograf theme comes with the Kirby Panel integrated and it includes all the blueprints you need to start filling your portfolio with your images. The Panel also comes with instructions for you on how to use the theme.

Note about responsive images

The theme uses responsive images for your galleries, which means that for each image the CMS will generate variants with different pixel dimensions. This happens the first time you visit a new project (or a new image in a existing project) from the front. It can take a while for the CMS to generate all the different images, the more images the longer it takes. This will only happened the first time! If there is a lot off images in one project you might need to reload the page until all the images is in place (it depends on the server). For better performance, use ImageMagic ( as image driver if you have the possibility. See Kirby support page about the options available in the config file:


- Upload ALL files and folders inside the "Kirby and Theme" folder to your server. There's pitfall! You need to make sure to copy the invisible files. E.g. the .htaccess file, which is needed to generate nice URLs is such an invisible file. Mac users can use the app DesktopUtility ( to show invisible files in the Finder.

- Visit to start Kirby's installer.

- Fill in the signup form to create the first user account.

- Sign in with your newly created username and password.

- Visit to see your awesome new site!

For more information about installation visit

For developers

Use the files inside the "Dev" folder if you want to use the Grunt task manager and edit javascript Sass/CSS files.

- Open Terminal (or an other command line tool).

- cd to the Dev directory.

- run "bower install susy --save" to download the Sass Susy package.

- run "sudo npm install" to download all the npm dependencis.

- run "grunt" and start develop.

If you don't know about Grunt and Sass but want to make some miner tweeks to the CSS, use the uncompressed main.css inside the assets folder (don't forget to change so the template use the main.css instead of main.min.css).

License code

Kirby's free to use locally but to go live you must purchase a license:

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